Tagtoo is a leading Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) platform in Asia, providing the best online ads experience for both advertisers and the audience.

With over 10 years of experience, Tagtoo’s solutions have assisted thousands of e-commerce businesses to get the most return on investment. Most importantly, the effectiveness is also proven by markets in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

The difference between Banner and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic Product Ads are very suitable for e-commerce businesses. E-commerce businesses have up to hundreds of products, some of which even have up to thousands. With the traditional banner format, it is difficult and time-consuming for e-commerce businesses to upload all the products manually. However, with the help of Tagtoo’s solution, DPA, products could be automatically uploaded by our system. Tagtoo’s solution can personalize product feeds to fit each user based on their interests and behavior, and all the products will have the opportunity to make an impression on the right users. 


DPA is a mature product in Taiwan, almost all the e-commerce businesses and advertising agencies apply it on a regular basis. Nevertheless, Tagtoo’s DPA solution has the following four advantages that make Tagtoo superior in the industry.


A. Tagtoo’s DPA solution has the most complete channel

1. Facebook DPA - The most commonly used channel.

2. Google Shopping Ads - Products’ URL can be seen when appearing on Google search results.

3. Google GDN - It can be customized to match the corporate’s identity due to its highly adjustable UI. 

4. Yahoo Gemini - This is not well-known in Taiwan’s advertising industry. However, the ROAS is much higher than expected.

5. Line OA - It can conduct DPA automatically, and its ROAS is also quite impressive.

Five channels of Tagtoo’s DPA solution

B. The challenge of maintaining five different channels

Not only would you have to maintain different product feeds, but also have to build up a large number of pixels. Imagine there are three different kinds of pixels on Facebook, and its corresponding Landing page (website), which distributes into the home page, product page, and checkout page. They need to be built up with different events and eventually applied to five different channels.

Frankly speaking, it is a difficult task for e-commerce businesses to handle the whole process, so Tagtoo built solutions to solve these problems and it has helped us become a leading advertising solution for e-commerce in SEA.

Tagtoo’s DPA solution has built a unique automatic web crawler system. Clients only have to embed a tracking code on their website, which can be done within five minutes. Then, Tagtoo’s web crawler can build up five different formats of product feeds automatically which correspond with all the pixels and events in different channels.


Tagtoo’s DPA solution has assisted thousands of e-commerce businesses. Many e-commerce businesses require less effort to deal with a variety of product feeds and pixels. Utilizing a third-party platform may lead to complications on the initial stage of generating these feeds and pixels. With the help of Tagtoo’s DPA solution, e-commerce businesses can increase the efficiency on initial stages and direct all of their focus primarily on growing revenue, scaling reach, and optimizing the growth marketing of the business. 

C. Achieve high conversion rate must have an accurate product recommendation

Tagtoo applies “Collaborative Filtering’’ in Tagtoo’s DPA solution. There is a brief example of “Collaborative Filtering’’ below. While User A bought a swimming cap and swimming suit, User B bought a swimming cap, swimming suit, and fins, Tagtoo’s system tracked down their digital footprint and discovered that User A and B are highly-similar users. According to the insight, Tagtoo recommends fins to User A.

Utilizing “Collaborative Filtering’’ in Tagtoo’s DPA solution, ROAS successfully went up by 20%!

D. Highly personalized format among all ads - DPA

After finishing audience-targeting, product feeds will personalize product recommendations that refer to users' behavior and interests. You would only have to make sure that product feeds and pixels are updated continuously, and DPA will always target the users with the highest conversion rate. 

This also means that DPA can be processed by automated bidding. Tagtoo’s DPA solution can upload hundreds of Ad sets. By testing the target audience from the smallest group, finding out which Ad sets have the best performance on ROAS, then keeping them to deliver continuously. To conduct the process, we can utilize Tagtoo’s system to improve efficiency.

DPA has been popular in Taiwan for several years. However, the development of DPA in Southeast Asia is at an early age and just starting to prosper. It is well-known that the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia has flourished rapidly in the past three years. Especially Indonesia and Vietnam, these two are successful cases of the digital economy transformation.

Tagtoo has presenced the trend of digital economy transformation in Southeast Asia since 2016. During 2016-2020, Tagtoo has put great effort by means of investment in the Malaysian and Indonesian market, continuously educating the e-commerce industry. Today, Tagtoo has established itself as a leading advertising solution provider with exclusive service and products in Southeast Asia. With a great reputation, Tagtoo was granted the Indonesia Best Brand Awards 2018 by CMO Asia.

In 2020, under the pandemic of Covid-19, Tagtoo saw exponential growth with a six-times increase in our revenue from SEA. 

Looking back ten months ago, we were terrified. At the time of the Covid-19 outbreak, we worried for the safety of our global employees. We moved fast and accurately by sending our staff back to their country of origin. As for the locally hired employees in Malaysia and Indonesia, we sourced them with enough hand sanitizers and face masks to help reduce the chances of contraction. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic slows down, Tagtoo’s advantages are clear.

In the past, it was a difficult task to visit clients in Southeast Asia. It was time-consuming and inefficient because of the heavy traffic jam. Due to the influence of Covid-19, online video conference calls have become the new norm. Today, we can contact, pitch and close deals through online meetings. It is way beyond our expectations!

Moreover, while many foreign competitors decided to withdraw from the market in Southeast Asia due to the lockdown rules, Tagtoo’s sales teams actively developed new prospects. With our great team effort, Tagtoo’s revenue hit new highs month by month during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Undoubtedly, global pandemic accelerated the development of the e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia. Due to the restricted movements and self-isolation, the usage of the Internet and the demands of digital advertising increased significantly. 

In my opinion, I believe now is the perfect timing for companies that have invested in Southeast Asia to yield good results.

Although the global market was closed for the moment, the internal market of Southeast Asia is still full of potential. The market size is bigger than Taiwan's by many times. With fully-developed digital advertising technology, I have a foreground prospect of Taiwanese companies that have successfully invested in Southeast Asia. In spite of the inconvenience that the pandemic of Covid-19 caused, the development of the digital transformation of Southeast Asia was successfully accelerated.

About Tagtoo

Tagtoo specialized in managing Facebook Ads, and Google Ads with data-driven strategies and proprietary technology. Over 80% of Taiwan e-commerce has adopted Tagtoo’s solutions to drive sales.