Performance advertising provides strong protection for a brand’s benefit and interest when the cost of paid traffic is getting ridiculously high.
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Turn to performance advertising

Performance advertising refers to an advanced pricing plan where advertisers pay only when there are measurable results. This new type of advertising takes paid traffic into another level by guaranteeing the success and taking the risks of profit loss. The result is obvious and comes fast.
Performance advertising is based on data-driven strategy and proprietary technology to perform accurate targeting and discover potential customers with conversion intent. It provides strong protection for a brand’s benefit and interest when the cost of paid traffic is getting ridiculously high.
Wonderful as performance advertising sounds, there are 3 things a brand should dive into to make the ad performance even better and significantly lower the cost of customer acquisition.

a) Search engine optimization (SEO)

While SEO has existed for so long, its long-standing importance remains the same. It is the foundation and the beginning of all digital advertising and can save more effort but lead to better results.
SEO allows a brand to acquire traffic for free and attract internet users with strong interest. However, only the top 3 search result has the possibility to win users’ click. In order to rank among the top, a brand should constantly optimize the entire website in a way that users find the content reverent and can easily navigate.
In spite of existing tons of resource about improving SEO on the internet, SEO is oftentimes the technique brand marketers easily neglect.

b) Search engine marketing (SEM)

Despite the increasingly high cost, SEM is still one of the best investment to make. It helps create more effective and targeted campaigns with keywords that a brand doesn’t originally rank for. More importantly, SEO and SEM become more powerful than either is working alone.
A great example to demonstrate is that when users see two similar search results from the same brand on the top, one from SEO effort and the other from SEM, they are more likely to click on either one. A brand’s multiple appearances on search result would significantly provide strong credibility.

c) Cost per acquisition model (CPA model)

CPA is an online advertising pricing model where advertisers pay for a specified acquisition, such as a sale, form submit, or app installs. It focuses on driving the final conversion and bringing a substantial result, as opposed to exposure and click, for a brand.
In most cases, the CPA will be unacceptably expensive if a brand boldly jumps into. It is never recommended to do so. Even for an industry-leading digital agency, they oftentimes couldn’t help but propose a stunning figure for CPA.
However, with the meticulous effort on SEO and SEM, a brand can expect to see the significant decrease in CPA. As the website quality improves, the barrier of entry for users to complete conversions become much easier, ultimately making a positive impact on CPA.


When traffic becomes hard and costly to get, rather than spending more on that, brand marketers should turn around and look at the brand itself, figuring out if they have done all the things right. After all, paid traffic is not essentially the only way to grow a company and a website. -
This is the end of the “What should brand marketers do when paid traffic is getting ridiculously high?” series. Thanks for your reading.
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