It has been 20 years since eCommerce developed in Taiwan, from feeling it doubtful firstly, till now there have been many brands which are forced to go online, and the government has also started to focus eCommerce as one of the industry strategies. So far the percentage of eCommerce among whole retail industry market share has already been around 10%.   That’s it? Do you think that the next step of eCommerce, is just continuously pulling retailers online and expanding the market share?

Mobile as Media of Clicks and Mortar

By utilizing mobile, let eCommerce and retailing become one same thing.
——Said by 91APP CEO.   Speaking of eCommerce, while the web traffic gradually transfers from PC to mobile, the mobile traffic concentrates on APP but not mobile-web.
  Furthermore, on the physical retailing side, 91APP CEO also found that the combination of APP and the offline store can not only help retailing industry integrate the original fragmented information, but also merge the online and offline membership system to release coupons precisely. Through APP, we could guide consumers to the store that suitable for them, and also decrease time-wasting in the shopping process.

ZALORA experience sharing: Eye-catching plays a vital role, especially the environment where eCommerce’s still immature

  ZALORA operating director, Giulio Xiloyannis, shared that, because of the complexity of Southeast Asia market, we can’t compare to Europe, North-America, even South-America, which can be told as one country one market. Especially, though the mobile usage in many SEA countries is high, the eCommerce development is still limited because of logistics and payment technology haven’t been completed enough to link together .
  Therefore, ZALORA has launched the O2O “pop up store”, each store will run for 3-6 months. While “pop up store” displaying products, there will also have QR codes to let consumers scan by ZALORA APP and link to the online purchasing page.   Besides, he also said that TV actually is an easy-to-use promotion channel. To fashion eCommerce like ZALORA, as long as they sponsored fashion related TV programs, it could completely bring higher conversion rate than only did digital marketing.

Only Omni-Channel Development Winner Gets All

  He also shared about his observation of mobile eCommerce. Usually, while eCommerce in that country is well-developed, their customers always started approaching Internet and eCommerce through PC, thus their mobile eCommerce hasn’t caught up yet.
  On the contrary, eCommerce in the country that is slow-developed, their mobile eCommerce will have more potential to be well-developed. Besides, on the mobile side, because it’s still necessary to key-in credit card number when purchasing, it’s quite troublesome to most of the people, so the percentage will be higher on the customers who paid cash.